A Chat with Khalid Al Muawad, CEO at Immersive Experience Design Company: Midwam

Aug 15 2021

Founded in 2012, Midwam is a Jeddah-based immersive experience design company that specializes in delivering unrivaled excellence in transformational experiences powered by cutting-edge technologies. The company leverages the latest technologies to offer flexible and smart solutions across multiple platforms.

Midwam works with key institutions such as the Ministry of Culture, the Saudi Art Council, and MiSK Innovation, as well as large enterprises, such as Saudi Airlines, and leading lifestyle and entertainment brands, including MDLBEAST. It is currently the only company of its kind in Saudi Arabia. Midwam transforms spaces into multi-sensory journeys and the company uses interactive technology to establish emotional and inspirational connections between people and brands. Midwam has also worked internationally outside of the Kingdom in multiple events in Moscow, London, New York, Paris, and Cannes.
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